In addition to a full range of rug cleaning services, Mark Gonsenhauser’s Rug Cleaning Department offers professional treatment of moth infestation, which includes moth proofing your wool rugs as a preventative measure for your rugs.

Did you move your dining room hutch to discover your wool rug has been eaten by moths? These dark undisturbed areas that get little foot traffic and very little vacuuming are a prime place for infestation of moths. Moths prefer these dark areas to lay eggs and feed; consequently your wool rug may be the place they call home.

There are several signs that moths are present in your rug:

  • Sand-like particles deep in the pile of your wool rug.
  • Bare spots in the pile of your wool area rug and/or loose and missing pile.
  • Eggs, larvae, cocoons, moths and live bugs (this can include carpet beetles.)

What Should I Do?

At Mark Gonsenhauser’s Rug and Carpet Superstore our rug cleaning and restoration department can repair any damage and moth proof your wool rug to prevent future infestation.

  • You can either bring your rug to us or call us to arrange for a home pick up.
  • Once we have your rug in our facility we inspect it for moth eggs, larvae, live moths, etc. We then perform a treatment to terminate the pests.
  • After that is completed your rug goes through a thorough cleaning to cleanse and extract all dead insects and eggs from the rug.
  • If you opt to have your rug repaired from any moth damage it would be done at this time.

Future Prevention

We know you love your hand knotted or machine made wool rug, but unfortunately moths seem to love it even more than you do. After cleaning your rug, we provide a moth proofing treatment to your area rug that will prevent future infestations for up to a year. We also sell a commercial grade moth spray that can be applied in your home. Be sure to follow the directions.

Contact us for moth proofing and treatment of moth infestation of your rugs by calling our Rug Cleaning Department at 757-333-1010.

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