Rugs by Design

Your home and your decor reflects your unique, personal style and your rugs should reflect this as well. Our Virginia Beach rug and carpet store features thousands of rugs from all over the world. We have rugs available in every size, color, design and style imaginable in order to give you a multitude of choices.  As the largest rug store in the region you can be confident that your perfect rug is in our showroom!

With 5′ x 8′ rugs starting as low as $149.00, we have all price ranges covered.

Animal Print Rugs. Bring the safari look to your home with a variety of animal print rugs. We carry the popular designs of wild African Savannah. You will find zebra, tiger, giraffe and leopard along with the exotic and decorative patterns of cheetah, crocodile and snake skin.

Animal Skin Rugs are available in various designs, sizes and colors. The designs of the animal skin rugs come in natural and printed hides.  All the latest designer leather rugs are available in our Virginia Beach rug and carpet store. Find a perfect animal skin rug for your home or office from Calvin Klein,  Joseph Abboud and other famous designers.

Antique rugs can be a collectors passion or can create the perfect ambiance in your Interior decor.

Beach Rugs. Enjoy coastal living with our beautiful beach rugs. Bring a piece of the ocean to your living room, bedroom, or your child’s room. We feature different patterns and prints to bring the beauty of the ocean to your home.

Border rugs are a timeless style, and year after year our customized border rug programs just get better. We feature a growing collection of rugs and carpets of all shapes and colors that are sized to fit your living room, dining room, hallway, or any other room in your home or office. Get a classic style rug to match your interior design.

Children’s rugs add an element of fun and whimsy to a nursery, kid’s playroom or bedroom. We have children’s rugs in all colors and featuring fun designs for boys and girls.

Contemporary rugs are a modern and non-traditional style of rug.  Contemporary style rugs include shags and pile rugs with geometric or abstract patterns in bold colors.  Designs with clean lines and neutral colors such as white and black also characterize contemporary style rugs.

Custom made rugs are the perfect solution if you are you having a problem finding a rug or carpet that is the perfect size, color or design. Contact us to learn more about customizing a rug for you.

Flat Weave rugs are hand woven on a loom and are constructed without a pile. They are usually made of wool or cotton and are thin yet durable rugs that are often used in casual, rustic, or more relaxed type settings. Flat woven rugs include Soumak, Kelim and Dhurries.

Floral Rugs. Bring the radiance of a blooming flower garden to your home with a beautiful floral rug. We offer all colors, shapes and sizes of floral designs in a multitude of flower patterns. Come in today to find your perfect rug available only in our Virginia Beach rug and carpet store!

French design rugs are known for their stately and elegant old world European style. Bring a sophisticated romantic style to your home with a rug from our beautiful french style rug collections. Visit our Virginia Beach rug store to find your perfect rug!

Nautical Rugs. Bring the feel of the sea to your interior design with a nautical rug from our vast rug collection. All shades of blue, red and green are available in many beautiful designs and styles.  Hoist the sails and cruise the bay with our selection of boat and yachting designs.

Neoclassical rugs are a timeless traditional style that consists of elegant lines and classic forms that harkens back to the late 1700’s. Bring the luxury of Greek design and Roman antiquity elements to your home with a neoclassical rug.

Shag rugs refers to a contemporary rug style with long “shaggy” pile.  Shag rugs can be made from natural fibers such as wool and leather or synthetics such as nylon and acrylic.

Sisal rugs are a natural fiber rug that comes in a multitude of designs, textures and weaves.

Solid and Tone-On-Tone Rugs. The simplicity of a solid color or a tone-on-tone rug will bring a simple yet elegant atmosphere to your room. Choose your perfect rug from a vast number of colors, textures, and subtle patterns. Visit our Virginia Beach rug and carpet store today to see the largest selection of solid and tonal rugs in Hampton Roads!

Southwestern rugs take you back to the Old West and create a rustic and tribal feel to your décor. Choose your rug from all the different shapes and sizes of our vast collection. Buy a rug to add bright colors and beautiful patterns of the southwest rug to your interior design.

Traditional rugs reflect a classic and elegant style that never goes out of fashion. We carry every style, size, shape and type of rug in this category, including hand knotted, machine made and hand tufted rugs.

Transitional rugs are a broad style category that stands between traditional and contemporary styles. Transitional designs can be considered a blend of traditional and contemporary.

Tropical Rugs. Bring the tropics to your home or office with beautiful prints and patterns from our tropical rug collection. Choose from various shapes and sizes to find your perfect rug.

Tribal / Nomadic design rugs are woven by nomadic tribal people, or woven in the traditional styles or patterns of these groups.  Some examples of nomadic tribes that produce these rugs are;  Turkoman, Qaskai, Bakhtiari, Kurdish, Gabbeh, Afshar and Navajo.

Whether you are looking for a rug or carpet for your home or business, we have just the perfect one for you! Our rug and carpet collection features thousands of rugs from all over the world. We can also make a custom rug for you! Visit our Virginia Beach Rug and Carpet Superstore today!