Rugs For Stairs & Hallways

Runner rugs and stair runners can be used in hallways or on a staircase. Runner rugs are available in various lengths and when installed on stairs the addition of stair rods are a nice design touch. Most carpet installers suggest ordering 1 1/2 feet per step, plus any desired footage that would extend across a landing or at the top or bottom of the staircase.

We carry a variety of runner lengths in our hand knotted department, as well as a vast selection of machine made runners in wool or synthetics, thereby offering you many options in style and price.

For a hallway, the runner can be ordered in exactly the length needed and then finished at the ends to your liking. We can bind the runner at the ends (called serging) or add fringe or cap the end to give the appearance of a hand-made area rug.

Our expert installers are here to serve you and you can expect a perfect installation of your stairway runners and stair rods.