Kid’s Room

Shopping for Kid’s room rugs can be fun, but also a little challenging. You want to find an appropriate design, but also take care not to buy something that doesn’t clean well. Here are some tips for shopping for your children’s rugs.

Nursery Room

Bringing a baby home is exciting and one of life’s many joys, but preparing for his or her arrival takes time, effort and a lot of planning. Within the first few years between infancy and becoming a toddler your baby’s goals of the day is to play, crawl, and ultimately explore! This may include taking a few unbalanced steps here and there and falling, hopefully not on a hard floor. An area rug in soft nylon or plush wool is a great way to buffer those falls. These days there are a multitude of options for nursery rugs and our Virginia Beach rug store carries a vast selection of all kinds of children’s rugs.

An area rug is a great option because it can be placed over carpet or hard surface floors. If spills occur the rug can easily be spot cleaned or rolled up and taken to the rug cleaners.

Boy’s or Girl’s Room Rugs and Carpet

Kids room rugs Virginia Beach

“Princess Dreams” by KAS Rugs

Whether you have carpet or hard wood floors an area rug could be just the thing you’re missing that will pull your child’s room together.

Attractive designs, styles and patterns are popular for any boy’s or girl’s room. Not only is it appealing to the eye but it’s preferred over carpet when it comes to the maintenance of vacuuming, stain proofing and overall cleaning.

For carpet lovers, a low pile instead of a thick high pile may be best. The low pile surface is ideal for toy cars to drive through as well as pulling toys and piecing together puzzles! Low pile textured or loop pile carpet also does not show soil as readily.

Rug designs and colors in the category of kids room rugs has grown tremendously because parents want to personalize their kids room just like they would their own bedroom.

Play Room Rugs

Playroom rugs Virginia Beach

“Play” Room Rug – Momeni

In a play room a wood floor can be a bit noisy. An area rug is ideal for buffering the noise as well as adding softness while children are on the floor playing. The versatility and options are endless when choosing a rug for your children’s play room and rug designs are plentiful in this category with every theme you can imagine. From fun and whimsical with animals, shapes, colors, games or educational with letters and numbers.

When choosing a rug or carpet for your kids room, a great fiber is Nylon. It’s extremely durable and excellent in regards to spill and stain resistance. For your children’s safety if an emergency were to occur and the fiber caught on fire Nylon burns slowly, melts only in contact with direct flame and is self-extinguishing.

As Hampton Roads largest rug and carpet store we carry a huge selection of area rugs for your Nursery, Boy’s or Girl’s room, Play Room or any room in your home. Stop by Mark Gonsenhauser’s Rug & Carpet Superstore and our friendly staff will help you select your new rug or carpet!