Rug Pads

Mark Gonsenhauser’s Rug and Carpet Superstore carries all types of rug pads for all types of flooring surfaces including all hard surfaces and wall to wall carpet.

Good quality padding can help protect your rugs from wear and will help extend the life of your rug. This is especially beneficial in high traffic areas. Rug pads are necessary to prevent slipping, moving and wrinkling of your rug. We offer a variety of pads that are for placement of your rug on hard wood floors, tile, linoleum, concrete and wall to wall carpet.

We custom cut each rug pad to fit your rug dimensions perfectly. Our sales and design staff can help you find the rug pad that will be most beneficial to your rug and home.

We sell the following types of padding:

Cushion Grip – Synthetic Fiber Top with Rubber Backing:

This is our best pad at 1/4 inch thickness. It will help cushion the impact of foot traffic and keep your rug in place on hard surface floors such as wood, laminate, tile, concrete, etc. It prevents your rug from slipping or skidding and makes vacuuming of your rug easier. This pad will not scratch or harm the finish of your floors.



Thin Grip (Thin version of Synthetic Fiber/ Rubber Backed): This is a thin pad which is necessary to help prevent skidding or slipping of the rug and can be used on any hard surface. This pad is great where door clearance is an issue. This pad will not scratch or harm the finish of your floors.

Teebaud (Best for Over Carpeting):

This specialized rug pad is specially designed for use over wall to wall carpet. It prevents your rug from creeping, buckling and wrinkling. Designed for use under rugs of any kind to help prevent slippage and premature wear.

Teebaud pads are coated with a clean-lift adhesive that is completely harmless to all floor and carpet surfaces and is odorless.

Read all instructions prior to installation.




Foam Wall to Wall Pad: These types of pads should be used for wall to wall installation only. We carry various thicknesses and weights. The type of carpet usually determines the type of pad that we would recommend for the particular installation.

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