Tips on Nursery, Kid’s and Play Room Rugs

Posted: July 30, 2014

Wondering about floor covering in your Kid’s Room is practical. It’s an essential aspect and should be taken with care when making a decision. Here are some tips when you’re facing that choice.

Nursery Room

You’ve painted, added a crib and rocking chair as well as decoration. Now it’s time to take care of the floor covering in your beautiful new nursery. You want to make sure that the space is comfortable to crawl on, soft enough for first steps and not too harmful if your baby takes a few unbalanced steps and takes a tumble. So, if your home is lined with beautiful hard wood floors or has nice-looking carpet thinking about buying an area rug isn’t a bad idea.

Carpet is a great option for any home but not necessarily the best option for a Nursery Room. Although carpet is better than hard wood floors in regards to falling it also stains easily. With tons of foot traffic, dirt and fine dust can easily get tracked and trapped in your carpet making it hard to keep clean and looking new. An area rug is easier to clean whether you use a stain removal for minor spills, have a machine washable rug or taking it to a professional every 3-5 years to have it dusted, cleaned and stain proofed. It’s also superior to wood floors when it comes to falling and doesn’t get as cold in the winter months when it comes to your baby crawling and exploring!



Boy’s and/or Girl’s Room

An area rug could be just the thing that you need to pull a boy’s or girl’s room together. From designs of toy cars, dance slippers and cartoons and you’ll have an array of attractive designs, styles and patterns are popular for any boy’s or girl’s room.

If you prefer carpet, don’t worry, it’s not completely out of the question. A carpet with a low pile instead of a thick high pile is best. The flatter surface is better for toy cars to

drive through as well as pulling toys and figuring out puzzles. It’s also easier to get any dust mites and to the root of stains when cleaning.

Play Room

In a Play Room wood floor can be a bit noisy, but an area rug is great to soften the noise. The versatility and options are endless when choosing a rug for your children’s Play Room. Make the rug fun with animals, shapes, colors, games and more. When choosing a rug for the kids a great fiber for your rug is Nylon. It’s extremely durable and excellent in regards to spill and stain resistance. For your children’s safety if an emergency were to occur and the fiber caught on fire Nylon burns slowly, melts only in contact with direct flame and is self-extinguishing.

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