The World’s Oldest Rugs

Posted: February 19, 2013

antique rug Virginia Beach, Norfolk, ChesapeakeRugs and carpets have been around for centuries. However, no one knows when the tradition of weaving actually began.

Experts and scientists have discovered some of the oldest rugs in existence. Many are displayed in museums of ancient history all over the world.

The oldest surviving pile carpet in the world is called the “Pazyryk Carpet”. It was discovered in ice in the valley of Pazyryk (a valley of the Ukok Plateau, Siberia). The rug has been preserved for over 2500 years  in a Siberian burial ground. The origin of this carpet is attributed to either the Siberian Turkic groups, Scythians or the Persian Achaemenids. After being discovered in 1949, the world’s oldest rug is displayed in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.

There have been many other antique rugs discovered in different countries, including ancient Persia. Antique Persian rugs are exhibited in museums and are often sold at auctions for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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