How To Minimize Fall Risk For Children and Seniors When Decorating With Rugs

Posted: April 30, 2013

stantoncarpet_bigrs_1_2054Area and throw rugs of all shapes and sizes can be a simple and effective way to add color and personality to your home, and they can really tie together the décor of a room. But if you live with small children or seniors, or if they frequently visit in your home, rugs can also present multiple safety challenges. Here are some tips to help make rugs safer for the very old and very young.

Invest in a rug pad for each rug: Non-slip rug pads can help to keep rugs from sliding around on a hardwood or tiled floor when you step on them. If you have rambunctious children running through the house or elderly family members who are afraid of falling and injuring themselves, making sure that your rugs don’t slide around can be crucial both for injury prevention and for peace of mind.

Opt to decorate your home with larger rugs: Especially for seniors, walking from hard surfaces onto a small throw rug — or multiple throw rugs — can be dangerous because the small change in levels created by the edges of the rugs could present a fall hazard. Each new rug becomes a hazard to avoid. Minimize fall risk by opting for one larger area rug so that there are fewer edges to navigate.

Repair any tears, holes, or other visible damage to the rug: If you have holes or worn spots in your rug, it’s time to repair or replace it. Just as the edges of a rug can be hazardous because they create an uneven surface, wear and tear or holes within the body of the rug itself could also pose a possible fall hazard for unsteady seniors. Holes or tears could also trip toddlers who are just learning to walk.

Leave clear traffic areas: Try positioning your rugs within the room so that there is a clear area for walking on the floor. By avoiding putting rug edges in the direct path of people walking through your home, you can give children and seniors an option to not step on them at all, which can help them to possibly avoid tripping or falling.

Whether you are planning to buy a new rug or just need to make adjustments to rugs that your already have at home, keeping these tips in mind can make your home a safer place. By putting a little bit of extra time and effort into planning the selection, placement, accessories, and maintenance of the rugs in your home, you can help to make your friends and family members feel safer and more comfortable in your home.