Defining Transitional Style in Rugs

Posted: October 04, 2013

Transitional rugs Transitional rugs Virginia BeachIf Contemporary style is the polar opposite of Traditional, then Transitional would be right in the middle. Transitional style rugs are known mostly for their soothing colors and elegant patterns. You will often see understated floral designs, tone on tone graphics and geometric patterns, as well as updated classic motifs. For example scrolls, lattice, damask and paisley can all be translated nicely into transitional style rugs.

The transitional category of rugs and home furnishings as a whole has grown into a major design style that many folks are gravitating toward. Most without even realizing that they outgrew their former traditional decorating style.


Transitional style is achieved by borrowing from traditional style and updating it with a modern
interpretation. Most notably in the color pallet, that tends to be more neutral. The neutral colors and muted tones help to create a soothing and lighter feel to a space, evoking a mood of relaxation.

Transitional style has become very popular because of the importance of comfort and relaxation in our homes. You can mix traditional and contemporary furniture pieces and create a comfortable and eclectic look without having to buy all new furniture. Due to the versatility of transitional décor the trend continues to grow more in demand therefore the availability of home furnishings and area rugs in this style has
increased substantially.

The Rug; Like Cupcake Icing!


Think of placing a rug in your room as like putting the icing on a cupcake. A rug creates a design focal point that enables you to pull the space together by using the color, pattern and material of the rug. Imagine the room in this picture without the rug. It would not be the same! The rug unifies the room and makes it an inviting space. In short, when decorating your room, just like a cupcake needs icing, don’t forget the rug!!

So when you go shopping for your space, be sure to consider Transitional style rugs. You may be surprised to discover that this truly is the style for you!