How Often Should You Clean Your Rug?

Posted: January 1, 2014

Whether you’ve had your rug for just a few years or it’s been passed down from generation to generation it is a beautiful work of art and with the right care could last you a lifetime. Your rug is the element that ties everything in the room together, and you want to make sure you […]

Area Rug Cleaning and Caring for Oriental Rugs

Posted: August 8, 2012

The best way to maintain your Oriental rugs is to keep them clean.  The making of a high quality Oriental rug can take up to two years from start to finish. However, it doesn’t take long to damage your rug with excessive foot traffic dirt, a spill, pet urine or even moths. Although this may seem […]

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Posted: July 7, 2012

Your Oriental rug is an important part of your home’s interior design.  Beautiful patterns and colors add warmth and style to your home, making it a unique and comfortable place. However, these beautiful rugs, just like anything else, get dirty over time. Your Oriental rug is not only a decoration, but also an investment. With […]

Professional Rug Cleaning

Posted: June 6, 2012

Rugs are an important part of the decor of your home, and the right rug will make your home cozier and more beautiful. To find the best rug that fits your interior or outdoor space there are literally hundreds of thousands of styles, colors and patterns to choose from! With buying a rug comes a little bit […]

Carpet Cleaning – A Green Solution

Posted: March 3, 2012

If you are environmentally minded, you no doubt are looking for ways to green your home. Perhaps you have installed low-flow, water saving fixtures in your bathroom, and you have energy efficient light bulbs in all your lamps. Acting eco-friendly, too, might encourage you to refrain from employing certain services like carpet cleaning, but it […]