Carpet Cleaning – A Green Solution

Posted: March 23, 2012

If you are environmentally minded, you no doubt are looking for ways to green your home. Perhaps you have installed low-flow, water saving fixtures in your bathroom, and you have energy efficient light bulbs in all your lamps. Acting eco-friendly, too, might encourage you to refrain from employing certain services like carpet cleaning, but it will surprise you to learn carpet cleaning technicians are working to make their jobs safer for your surroundings, too.

How is cleaning the carpet becoming green? It mainly depends upon the equipment and cleaning solutions used. Some important qualities to note about environmentally safe cleaning are:

1) Less water is used. Hot water extraction is a common process in ridding residential rugs and carpets of soil and grime. During the green process, while less water is used, it doesn’t take away from the aggressive dirt removal. The equipment used simply works more efficiently to make your carpets look fresh and new.

2) Safer solutions are used. Cleaning liquids that are more soluble and not harmful to the environment are more popular now among carpet technicians. It’s always a good idea to consult with the cleaning company you use to know what is spread on your rugs to capture and extract grime. Water-based solutions that prove non-corrosive to nature are the best “green” method in cleaning.

3) Consider steam options. “Dry” carpet cleaning is an alternative to consider if you are concerned about wasting water. You’ll find this is a common procedure for carpet restoration and upholstery cleaning, but may work for your carpets as well. Consult with a technician to learn if that is possible for your home.

If you think that by going green you have cut the expense of professionally cleaning carpets, know you could introduce more harm than good into your home. The longer carpets remained untouched, the greater the likelihood bacteria and dirt stays in your home, affecting your health and that of your family. Meet with a licensed and insured green carpet company today and stay clean and eco-friendly.

Kathryn Lively