Area Rug Cleaning and Caring for Oriental Rugs

Posted: August 11, 2012

rug cleaning virginia beachThe best way to maintain your Oriental rugs is to keep them clean.  The making of a high quality Oriental rug can take up to two years from start to finish. However, it doesn’t take long to damage your rug with excessive foot traffic dirt, a spill, pet urine or even moths.

Although this may seem unrealistic, one suggestion to help keep your rugs and carpets clean is to prevent them from getting dirty. Removing your shoes can help keep your Oriental rug cleaner and help minimize unnecessary wear as well. Foot traffic with dirty shoes is the number one culprit due to dirt which is tracked in, therefore damaging your fine rugs.

As an expert, we recommend regular rug cleaning for all types of rugs and carpets. For the best results, schedule a professional rug cleaning service every 2-5 years, depending on the overall condition of your rug.

Prolong the life of your rugs by having a regular schedule for rug cleaning. Some area rugs receive more everyday traffic than others and may require more frequent cleaning. For example your hallway and foyer rugs may need a cleaning once a year, where-as a rug in your bedroom may only need to be cleaned once every five years.

Does your rug need cleaning?

To determine if it is time to schedule a rug cleaning, try one of these methods:

  • Take a clean tissue and rub your rug vigorously with it. If the tissue is dirty, your rug needs a cleaning.
  • Fold a part of your rug upon itself to see the pile open along the knots. Dirty warp and weft usually indicate that your rug needs to be cleaned.

Rug Cleaning in Virginia Beach.

If you are looking for professional rug cleaning in Virginia Beach, visit Mark Gonsenhauser’s Rug and Carpet Superstore. We offer professional rug cleaning, deodorizing, pet urine extraction, moth proofing, stain protectant, dusting (Heavy Duty), fringe cleaning (Extra care with a special non-bleach brightener), storage, and more.

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