5 Steps For Selecting the Best Area Rug For Any Space

Posted: January 16, 2016

Covering your floor is so much more than a mere protection for your hardwood or tile filled room.

Area rugs can serve to deaden sound, express your decor taste through neutrals, fun patterns and tones, or simply a solid color, and even soften the flooring underfoot, among many other uses. But how do you know what’s your fit?

According to Houzz, here are five tips that will help ensure that your next area rug will serve its purpose in any given room or space, as well as follow your design of choice.


  • Don’t be afraid of a little wear and tear, especially if the area rug is of superior quality to begin with, or could be considered vintage. In fact, many antique low-pile or flat-weave rugs with a visible patina can imbibe any room with a sense of mystery and even romance that comes with age and simply can’t be created on demand in a new piece. Instead, it has to develop over time – much like a fine wine – and when you see it, you’ll recognize it.
  • Like the idea of something old, but feel wary of the price tag? Or maybe you would just prefer a newer take on a traditional look? If so, consider opting for a patchwork rug that is pieced together using the most beautiful pieces from antique rugs that were unable to be salvaged in their entirety.
  • Choose an area rug that has a timeless pattern and can travel along if and when you move, or would some day make an excellent family heirloom. Carefully selected rugs can easily transition through a variety of design schemes – from contemporary, to traditional to eclectic – depending on the other accent pieces and architectural elements of the space. The bottom line? Investing in a high quality rug now will continue to pay dividends for years – if not generations – to come, so don’t skimp on quality.


  • When choosing high-pile or shag carpeting, try to use it in small doses instead of all throughout the room. This will help to create an unexpected mix of texture and will also lend a sense of luxury to the space. Just make sure that enough flooring is left visible around the high-pile or shag carpeting to avoid invoking a 70’s look while still providing the distinct level of comfort and coziness these types of super-dense area rugs are known for.
  • Consider safety and traffic patterns in the space where the rug will be located. For example, it’s essential that an awkwardly placed corner of the rug does not create a hazard when walking through the room and be sure to rotate and clean all area rugs regularly to avoid buildup of dust and other debris, as well as to ensure even wear and tear. Finally, place a non-slip pad under the rug, which will not only help it last longer by diminishing the level of stress applied to its backing, but a rug pad will also keep the rug held snugly in place, thereby diminishing the possibility of tripping over an errant corner.

Source: inquisitr.com