Heavy Dusting Area Rugs

Soil and Dust Removal

Mark Gonsenhauser’s Soil and Dust Removal Service

Removing dirt from your area rugs is important in preventing damage and premature wear. Foot traffic soil, dirt and fine dust can easily get tracked into your home, onto your rugs and consequently gets trapped in the bottom of the pile of your rug. In turn, the fine dust acts as an abrasive file to the wool of your rug which causes wear and damage. That damage may necessitate repairs to your rug in the future.

At Mark Gonsenhauser’s, we have a very effective dry soil, dirt and dust removal treatment using our very own special process. When you bring your rug in for cleaning, we will inspect your rug for excessive dirt in the pile and recommend our dry soil removal / heavy dusting service if needed.

This service essentially loosens and breaks down the dirt and soil out of your rug before we start the cleaning process. Be sure to click on the images below to see how we do it and just how much dirt can get trapped in your rug. If there is an excessive amount of dirt, cleaning alone will not remove all of the dirt from your area or Oriental rug.

For a price quote on rug cleaning and soil and dust removal from your area rug call our Rug Cleaning Department at 757-333-1010. Pick up and delivery is available for a reasonable fee.

Service Area

Proudly serving all of the Hampton Roads area; Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg. We also pick-up and deliver to parts of the Eastern Shore and Northeast North Carolina.

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