Dhurrie Rugs

What is a dhurrie/dhurry area rug? It’s best described as durable reversible flat-weave that has a rugged yet modern look. One can find antique dhurries in famous castles and modern dhurries in contemporary and beach homes.  These rugs come in many different patterns and designs making dhurrie rugs flexible to be utilized in various spaces including casual a settings. Dhurries are loved not just for their contemporary look and feel but because they can be used as decorative floor coverings for both indoor and outdoor occasions.

Flat-weave rugs like the dhuhrie and kilims are becoming more and more popular for their versatility and style. You can find a modern dhurrie area rug in cotton, wool, jute and silk depending on your preference. At Mark Gonsenhauser’s Rug & Carpet Superstore we carry a wide selection of dhuhrie/dhurry area rugs at unbeatable prices and in many sizes. We have the oldest and largest Decorative and Oriental rug and carpet retail showroom in Hampton Roads. Let our team of top-notch professions find the perfect rug for you.