Types of Carpet

When shopping for carpet you want to insure that you choose the appropriate type for your home or office. Understanding some basic carpet construction terms will help you determine what types of carpet is ideal for your lifestyle or application. The information below is about the various carpet types and pertains to the pile construction, which is the surface.

Our carpet guide will help you determine whether a high end Plush Velvet carpet would be a good choice for high traffic areas. Or perhaps a textured pile may be a better option.

Cut Pile

Cut Pile Carpet

Cut pile is the most popular carpet construction. The fiber content, the density of the yarn tufts, and the amount of twist in the yarn is what determines the durability. Yarns that have a high twist will hold their shape longer. Below is a list of cut pile carpet types.

Saxony: Is a cut-pile carpet that is the most common. It consists of twisted yarns in a dense, vertical appearance with well defined yarn tuft ends and is a rather thick carpet. Saxony is similar to Plush Velvet but is not as dense.  Saxony works well for great rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, dens etc.

Plush Textured: Is a cut pile carpet, and is a preferred style for many households because textured surfaces help hide footprints and vacuum marks.  This is a great high traffic carpet and is known as the “whole-house” carpet because it is the most versatile for style and decor.

Frieze: Pronounced “free-zay,” also known as “shag,” has a twisted yarn that gives the carpet a rough, shaggy appearance. The pile has a “curly” textured surface because the yarns are tightly twisted. Shag has an informal, modern look.

Plush Velvet: Sometimes called “velvet-plush,” has a dense luxurious feel and appearance. Characteristic of a very smooth even carpet surface where the individual tufts are barely visible. Shows footprints and vacuum cleaner marks easily. Best for low traffic areas, formal rooms or bedrooms.

Loop Pile

Loop Pile Carpet

Loop pile is a carpet style where the pile surface consists of uncut loops where the loops are the same height. Loop pile can be woven or tufted. Is sometimes called “round wire” in woven carpet terminology. This style generally performs well over time in high-traffic areas. Many of today’s popular Berber styles are level loop styles. Loop pile carpet is a good choice for contemporary, modern or transitional decor.

Patterned Loop

Patterned Loop Carpet

Patterned loop is a multi-level loop carpet pile surface. This style usually has two to three different loop heights to create pattern effects and texture. Patterned loop pile is generally known for durability.

Cut And Loop

Cut and Loop Carpet

Cut-loop pile carpet combines cut and looped yarns.  This creates a variety of surface textures, including sculptured effects such as swirls, scrolls, squares, chevrons, graphic patterns and damask. The multi-color effects help hide soil and stains. Great for high traffic areas.

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