Twist / Frieze Carpet

Twist / Frieze / Shag - Nuovo Rose - Godfrey Hirst

Twist / Frieze Carpet – (Shag) Nuovo Rose by Godfrey Hirst

When shopping for carpet you want to insure that you make an educated decision about the appropriate type for your home or office. Therefore understanding a few basic carpet construction terms will help you to determine what type of carpet is best for your home and lifestyle.

Frieze carpet which is pronounced “free-zay” is a cut pile carpet that consists of twisted yarns that gives the carpet a fuzzy or shaggy appearance. The pile has a curly textured surface because the yarns are longer in length and twisted tightly. Also known as “shag,” it has an informal look and is a great choice for modern or contemporary home decor and furnishings.

Shag Carpet

Mark Gonsenhauser’s Rug and Carpet Superstore has an excellent selection of modern and informal carpets. Shag carpet in our Virginia Beach carpet store is available in may colors and heights.

Carpet styles in our store range from high end wool carpet to moderately priced carpet choices such as SmartStrand by Mohawk. Come by our carpet showroom and our “in house” carpet experts will educate you about carpet so you can make an informed buying decision. We promise to earn your business! Be sure to take a carpet color board home or order free samples!

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