Loop Pile / Berber Carpet

The two primary carpet construction types are cut pile and loop pile. A loop pile carpet is constructed by sewing or tufting the yarns into the backing and leaving the loop uncut. As opposed to cut pile carpets are created when the loops are cut.

Berber Carpet

Berber Loop Carpet - Southwinds Echo Arrowhead

Loop Pile / Berber Carpet – Southwinds Echo Arrowhead

Berber is a type of loop pile carpet and is very popular in today’s homes. Berber carpet is probably one of the most recognizable carpet terms.

Berber is a subcategory of loop pile carpet. Often the term Berber and loop is used interchangeably. Many of today’s popular Berber carpets are level loop styles. This means that the pile surface consists of uncut loops where they are the same height.

This style generally holds up well in high-traffic areas. Loop pile carpet is a great choice for contemporary, modern or transitional style decor. Depending on the carpet color, it does not show dirt as readily and footprints and vacuum tracks are not visible.

Patterned Loop Carpet

Patterned Loop Carpet -Camelot MONTE5825

Patterned Loop Carpet -Camelot MONTE5825

Patterned loop is a multi-level loop carpet pile surface. This style usually has two to three different loop heights to create pattern effects and texture. You will find many attractive patterns in this carpet type. Patterned loop pile is generally known for durability. It conceals footprints and vacuum marks making it a great carpet for busy households.

Cut & Loop Carpet

Masland Dumain cut and loop carpet

Masland Dumain

Cut and loop pile carpet combines cut and looped yarns that create a variety of surface textures.  A wide range of patterns can be achieved by combining loop yarns and cut yarns in a carpet design. For example look for patterns such as swirls, squares, vines, chevrons, graphic patterns, plaids, leaves and waves. The styles available in cut and loop carpeting is endless. A benefit of cut and loop carpet is that the multi-color and textured effects help hide soil and stains, making this a great choice for adding style to a busy home.

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