Tamarian Rugs and Carpets


A Tamarian rug is a true work of art. Every step of production of a stunning area rug is done with the care and touch of the human hand. The techniques and tools have remained unchanged for hundreds of years. The materials are the finest nature offers; from the lanolin-rich, hand-carded hand-spun Tibetan wool, to the pot-dying process. Tamarian’s dyemasters use finely manipulated organic dyes to enhance the wool’s natural boldness and luster, while maintaining colorfastness for decades to come. Each area rug and carpet is woven on an upright loom, using the Tibetan Loop Senneh knot. When weaving is complete, the rug is cut from the loom, sheared and trimmed, and given a final wash to bring out the rich hues and variations that are a hallmark of every Tamarian carpet.

The custom capability to create the perfect rug is only one of the many aspects clients enjoy about Tamarian Carpets. To support their “green” efforts Tamarian uses only organic dyes, which emit no off-gases as well as sustainable materials like wool and hemp.

Mark Gonsenhauser’s Rug and Carpet Superstore is proud to offer the highest quality Tamarian area rugs and carpets to our customers in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and the other areas of Hampton Roads. Stop by our Virginia Beach area rug store to see the latest collection of Tamarian rugs and carpets. Can’t wait to take a look inside? Take a virtual tour to see our beautiful rugs and carpets!