Kilim Rugs

Have you seen a rug that looked more like a work of art than anything else? Well, kilim/kelim rugs definitely fall into that category. They can be used as tapestries to hang on the walls or over sofas as well as a nice decorative floor covering to help illuminate the room. Kilim’s come in all shapes and size as well as from different parts of the world such as Turkey and Persia.

What is a kilim? A kilim rug is a flat weave or flat-woven rug that typically has the same design on both sides making the rug reversible. They contain various patterns— the most popular being tribal or geometrical designs. When looking at a kilim area rug it may be hard to tell when it was made. Kilim area rugs can give off a “vintage” look as some kilim’s have been made as far back as the 1930’s and still have great durability and an outstanding structure.

Each kilim rug is one of a kind and contains so much character. All patterns and colors are unique and seem to tell their own story. These southwestern rugs are truly in high demand, and we at Mark Gonsenhauser’s carry a vast array of kilim rugs from all over the world including the popular Turkish kilim. In our showroom we have kilims in various colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes to ensure we have the perfect rug for your home, so stop by Mark Gonsenhauser’s Rug & Carpet Superstore for beautiful rugs at incredible prices.