In-Home Carpet Cleaning Tips

Posted: September 9, 2014

The Top 8 Rug Cleaning Tips & Tricks! Despite your best efforts at cleanliness, your carpet will eventually become the victim of drops, spills, accidents, and whatever is on the bottom of your shoes.  The following tips are recommendations from our rug cleaning and repair experts to help keep your carpets looking new: 1 | Blot […]

Tips on Nursery, Kid’s and Play Room Rugs

Posted: July 7, 2014

Wondering about floor covering in your Kid’s Room is practical. It’s an essential aspect and should be taken with care when making a decision. Here are some tips when you’re facing that choice. Nursery Room You’ve painted, added a crib and rocking chair as well as decoration. Now it’s time to take care of the […]

How Often Should You Clean Your Rug?

Posted: January 1, 2014

Whether you’ve had your rug for just a few years or it’s been passed down from generation to generation it is a beautiful work of art and with the right care could last you a lifetime. Your rug is the element that ties everything in the room together, and you want to make sure you […]

Defining Transitional Style in Rugs

Posted: October 10, 2013

If Contemporary style is the polar opposite of Traditional, then Transitional would be right in the middle. Transitional style rugs are known mostly for their soothing colors and elegant patterns. You will often see understated floral designs, tone on tone graphics and geometric patterns, as well as updated classic motifs. For example scrolls, lattice, damask and paisley can all be translated nicely into transitional […]

Five Tips for Buying an Oriental Rug

Posted: August 8, 2013

Whether you moved into a new place or want to redecorate your home, a beautiful new Oriental rug can help you enhance and transform the unique design of your space. However, if you don’t know what you are looking for, buying a high quality rug can be a challenge. These simple tips will help you get […]

How To Minimize Fall Risk For Children and Seniors When Decorating With Rugs

Posted: April 4, 2013

Area and throw rugs of all shapes and sizes can be a simple and effective way to add color and personality to your home, and they can really tie together the décor of a room. But if you live with small children or seniors, or if they frequently visit in your home, rugs can also […]

The World’s Oldest Rugs

Posted: February 2, 2013

Rugs and carpets have been around for centuries. However, no one knows when the tradition of weaving actually began. Experts and scientists have discovered some of the oldest rugs in existence. Many are displayed in museums of ancient history all over the world. The oldest surviving pile carpet in the world is called the “Pazyryk Carpet”. It […]

The Difference Between Hand Made and Machine Made Rugs

Posted: January 1, 2013

How to tell the difference between a hand made and a machine made rug:  To an untrained eye it is difficult to tell the difference between hand made, hand knotted, and machine made rugs. This guide will help you understand the differences and give you the advantage of making an informed buying decision when shopping […]

What is the Light and Dark Side of an Oriental Rug?

Posted: October 10, 2012

In order to understand why there is a light and dark side of an Oriental rug, first you need to learn a little about the parts of a hand knotted rug. The warp threads run lengthwise (or north to south, top to bottom) and make up the fringes of a rug. The weft threads run across the width of […]

Area Rug Cleaning and Caring for Oriental Rugs

Posted: August 8, 2012

The best way to maintain your Oriental rugs is to keep them clean.  The making of a high quality Oriental rug can take up to two years from start to finish. However, it doesn’t take long to damage your rug with excessive foot traffic dirt, a spill, pet urine or even moths. Although this may seem […]