Rugs of Love

In November of 2010, Mark Gonsenhauser started his own charity called “Rugs of Love.” This unique donation program places cleaned, donated rugs with charities that need them or can distribute them to families that need the extra warmth and comfort. Rugs that are donated are cleaned by Mark Gonsenhauser’s Rug and Carpet Superstore at no charge, the person donating them receives the necessary tax deduction receipt, and the rug is offered to a local charity.

The idea became a reality when recently a couple brought in two rugs that they no longer wanted. Mark realized that with a cleaning these rugs could be valuable to a charity or family. He connected with the Ronald McDonald House in Norfolk and the refurbished rugs were placed there at no charge to the couple nor the Ronald McDonald House.

“For most people rugs are décor. But for someone who does not have stable heat or needs to feel more at home, it can make all the difference,” said Gonsenhauser. “We participate in many other charity organizations, but now we are proud to have a program that we can call our own and try to make an impact here in Hampton Roads.”

To date, Mark Gonsenhauser’s has cleaned and donated over 100 rugs to several local charities. If interested in being a “Rugs of Love” charity or to donate a rug, call Mark Gonsenhauser’s Rug and Carpet Superstore at 486-6600.

These are the remarkable charities that we have had the pleasure of working with. We commend their hard work and take pleasure in donating rugs to their charity! If you know of a charity with a worthy cause and you think they would benefit from our Rugs of Love program please contact us.